CG for the launchment of Polyemory

A mysterious creature by the name of PolyEmory has emerged from the shattered remains of the industrial revolution. Mankind’s all too apparent effect on nature has now manifested itself in the form of mechanized flora and fauna. Industry, finance and greed have all collectively created a global industrialized hierarchy where evolution favors that which is mass-produced. But why do humans blatantly subject themselves to such an environment? Because this is the sickness that you pay for. Buy now, kill this, spend that, the phases of recycling have each taken on a new form. Due to these circumstances, existence on Earth has evolved into a grim cyclical endeavor of capitalize, colonize, destroy, repeat.

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Concept: Piratas.tv
Design: César Carvallo, Felipe Medina
Storyboard, Sketch: Sebastian Muñoz, Juan Pablo Valenzuela
2d: Felipe Medina, Sebastian Muñoz
Modeling, Rigging: César Carvallo
Animation, Render: César Carvallo, Felipe Medina, Sebastian Muñoz, Juan Pablo Valenzuela
Composition, Edition: César Carvallo, Juan Pablo Valenzuela



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