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During Milan Design Week 2013, for the public presentation of new devices, Asus Italy asked our friends AngelSign to conceive an event able to describe the various characteristics of the products and, at the same time, turn them into unique pieces of design.
Piratas fly to Milan for work with the great staff of Angelsign for 2 months and make this beautiful project happens.
Piratas make 3 of the 5 Videos of the Show.

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  • Agency: Angelsign Studio
  • Project Manager: Alessandro Bianco
  • Creative Director: Danilo Parise
  • Producer: Nicoletta Sinatti
  • Video Designers:
  • Giuseppe Ambrosio
  • Sebastian Bunzel
  • Felipe Medina Contreras

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  • Cesar Carvallo Gutierrez
  • Cristian Pasciani Zùñiga
  • Dario Cavaliere
  • Giulio Petrone
  • 3D Mapping Technic: Roberto Fazio
  • Communication Agency: Conte Oggioni Partners
  • Wrapping: F.T.F. Servizi


Design Week Asus Mapping

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